Variable Data Printing For NCR Pads

With variable data printing, you can render your NCR pads totally unique! Read all about variable data printing and how it can help your business…

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What is variable data printing?

First off, we need to define the term! Variable data printing is a form of digital printing whereby every individual product can be printed with differences.

In other words, you can create multiple different and individual products, whilst only needing one print run! Variable data printing works by inserting a database or spreadsheet into a digital printing press run. The computer then assismaltes and recognises differences between individual products and can print accordingly.

The outcome is that you can have a print run of hundreds of products, all with small differences between them – rendering them all individual. However, they don’t all have to be different. You could have a print run of 100, for example, with 10 differences – so 10 of each individual product.


What differences can variable data printing create?

With variable data printing you can print products with differences between them, but still with the same basic design. Differences may include:

  • Individual names
  • Individual addresses
  • Sequential numbering (e.g raffle tickets)
  • Unique small graphics
  • Unique icons
  • Individual QR codes


How does variable data printing apply to NCR pads?

Variable dating printing can offer you two distinct varieties of NCR pads. Either, you can create a print run of pads with differences (e.g say you order 100 pads, each pad can have individual numbers, names, or designs on them – this is ideal if you offer multiple different services under your umbrella company).

Or, you can create NCR pads with individual pages with the one pad itself. This is ideal for sequential numbering to help you keep track of your invoices!


How do I get variable data printing on my NCR pads?

Simpy, get in touch with our friendly team today and tell them what you’d like. They will then offer you a bespoke quote. Alternatively, you can get a quick quote through our online forms.

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