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Take a look at our NCR Pads Frequently Asked Questions. For general artwork, payment queries and company information, please see our General FAQs section

What is an NCR pad?

NCR stands for No Carbon Required. An NCR pad is a collection of carbonless paper, allowing you to make copies of the same written form, without the need to photocopy or scan. Each pad consists of combinations of paper sheets stacked on top of each – allowing you to produce, one, two or three copies instantly. 

What sizes of NCR pad are available?

We offer NCR pads from size A7 to A2. However, should you need a custom size, simply drop us a line to discuss your requirements.

How many copies will writing on one form make?

You can choose from 2-part (making 1 copy), 3-part (making 2 copies) or 4-part (making 3 copies) forms. 

Can I customise individual NCR forms in my pad?

Yes! With our variable data printing you can add individual elements to each NCR form; ideal for ID numbers, barcodes or QR codes. 

Do you have NCR templates available?

Yes! Our templates are free and downloadable- head to our Templates page. Alternative our in house design team can create your NCR form for you for an extra cost 

How are NCR pads supplied?

NCR forms can be supplied as sets or in pads. We can also provide perforated, tear-out booklets and we can add drill holes in the margin if required.

What paper colours do you offer?

We can supply white, yellow, pink and green paper. 

What can I use NCR paper for?

NCR Pads/Sets are commonly used for the following: Accident Forms, Delivery Pads, Hospitality, Invoices, Laundry Lists, Notepads, Receipts, Rent Books, Services and Inspections and Waste Management Services.

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NCR Glued Form
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