NCR Pad Uses

accident ncr pads

Accident Forms

Making two copies of an accident form is invaluable for a workplace, to ensure accountability and the safety of your staff.

delivery.ncr pads

Delivery Pads

Printed on quality paper stock as standard.

Each sheet can be customised with different colours.

hospitality ncr pads


Ideal for waiting and bar staff, create your order and have a handy duplicate for customers, kitchen staff or staff behind the bar!

invoice ncr pads


For invoicing a job, consider using an NCR pad. It’s simple, quick and provides two copies easily – one for you and one for your customer. Ideal if your job is onsite and you and your equipment needs to be fully portable.

laundry ncr pads

Laundry Lists

Popular on cruise ships, consider using NCR pads for your laundry lists! It means that both launderer and customer have an accurate copy of what has been submitted- ensuring no losses on either side!

note ncr pads


Perhaps you’re likely to want to share the notes you’ve made with a colleague, your staff or a friend? Rather than having to photocopy or type up your notes, an NCR notepad is the perfect way to go, giving you a clear duplicate at no extra effort!

receipts ncr pads


Consider using an NCR pad for your receipts- especially helpful if you’re a business on the go, or if you’re a local or independent enterprise. Using NCR pads is especially popular with vintage businesses, to really commit to the details of your customers’ retro buying experience. 

rent book ncr pads

Rent Books

Instead of a rent book, consider using an NCR pad. This way both landlord and renter will have accurate records of payments made.

services inspections ncr pads

Services and inspections

Whether it’s a boiler, fireplace or oven, an annual service or Gas Safety record can be tracked with NCR books. Tenants and landlords alike will need to have proof that their electronics have passed safety inspections.

waste management ncr pads

Waste Management Services

Perfect for confirmation of services provided, with one copy for you and one for your client

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