All About NCR Forms

What is an NCR pad and how was NCR paper created? Why are they useful, and how are they used nowadays? We provide the answers to your questions in our handy guide: all about NCR forms!

What is an NCR form?

First things first – what is an NCR form? NCR stands for ‘No Carbon Required’.

Sometimes referred to as Carbonless copy paper (CCP), non-carbon copy paper, NCR has micro-encapsulated ink on the underside of the topmost sheet of paper, and a clay coating on the upper side of the bottom sheet. When one writes on the top sheet, the pressure from the pen allows the dye capsules from the upper sheet to burst and react with the clay on the lower sheet. This creates a duplicate instantly.

You can create several copies from using several clay-topped under-sheets.


The history of NCR paper

The initial idea in creating NCR paper was to allow blind people to write letters, without needing potentially messy ink. Various prototypes of paper were created as an attempt to facilitate easier writing for the visually impaired. Then, in 1806 Ralph Wedgewood invented a stylographic machine. This involved two pieces of paper sandwiched either side of a thin piece of carbon paper. This would create duplicates – but necessitated a carbon piece of paper between the two sheets.

As the carbon paper took off, Leppegrino Turri invented a typewriting machine using the same idea. People could by now print letters on carbon paper without the need for ink and quills.

In 1953 Lowell Schleicher and Barry Green created NCR paper. The carbon paper, formally needed to allow for the marking of the paper below, was no longer necessary. Now the two sheets of NCR paper, forming an NCR pad or booklet, could create duplicate copies without the need for any additional carbon. As such, the entire duplication process became easier, cheaper and quicker!

all about ncr pads

NCR pad & NCR booklet

NCR paper is often formed into an NCR pad or NCR booklet. This is for ease of every day use. NCR forms are especially useful for vocational work, like plumbing or electrical works. Alongside implementation as accident and first-aids forms, invoices and instant receipts, they have a wide range of everyday uses.


Printed NCR forms

At NCR printing we are experts in our field. As such, we can create custom printed NCR forms with a quick turnaround. Download our free templates and create your own custom NCR forms, complete with your logo and company message.

Alternatively, you can take advantage of our in-house design services. Our graphic designers will create unique artwork for your NCR forms. See how NCR pads can help your business today!

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